Wondering what happens at Kidzone?

On the second Sunday of the month, we gather in the ‘Quiet Room’ at the back of the church, or in the lounges, at 9:30am. No need to be quiet, though! We talk about the theme for the day and have fun activities to do.
We join the rest of the congregation for Communion around 10:15am.

On the other Sundays in the month, we start out with the rest of the congregation in church at 9:30am. In Church, we have a slot called ‘WOW – Weaving Our Wisdom,’ where adults and children learn alongside each other. Then we head to the Quiet Room or the lounges for activities and sharing time.

We are all important members of the St Mark’s family. We are learning that:
We are special to God
God loves us
God knows our name
God never gives up on us
God is with us everywhere we go
God loves to talk and listen to us.

At Kidzone we are all learning together. Our parents can also belong to the Kidzone Facebook Group.