“Building Hope; Real People…Real questions”.

Below are sound recordings of the last seven weeks where we explored some of the real questions people ask.  From these what might emerge will be a way of thinking about how Christian faith, and before this the faith of the Israelites and Jews, provides an enriched view of daily living. We have been taking our lead from the prophet Jeremiah who knew a thing or two. It was Jeremiah who urged us to seek the ancient wisdom as we “stand at the cross roads and look; and ask where are the ancient paths…where is the good way.., and how should we walk in it?” We need to know the answer because that’s where we’ll “find rest for our souls”.  (Jeremiah 6: 16)

"Our lives... so full of contradictions"

by Don Fergus | “Building Hope; Real People…Real questions”.

"What makes life worth living in the face of death?"

by Don Fergus

"How many times do I forgive a sister or brother who hurts me?"

by Don Fergus

"What do you want and who are you looking for?"

by Don Fergus | “Building Hope; Real People…Real questions”.

"Why are you angry?"

by Don Fergus | "Building Hope; Real People... Real Questions".

“Where are you hiding?"

by Don Fergus | “Building Hope; Real People…Real questions”.

"What's the point of life when it doesn't make sense?"

by Don Fergus | “Building Hope; Real People…Real questions”.

New Role – Community Ministry Leader

St Mark’s Parish is wanting to appoint a person to a new role in the parish, that of Community Ministry Leader. If you would like a full description of this new part time position please contact the St Mark’s Office on 358 5443 or email


Wednesday Service and Craft Group Resumes for 2018

Our Midweek Service will resume on Wednesday 17 January at 11:30am. Follow this link for more information: Our Worship.

Our Craft Group will restart on Thursday 18 January at 9:30am. Visit Community Groups ‘Craft for all’ for details.