What does brokenness look like to you? 

St Mark’s, Sunday, April 18th 2021. Service led by Sandra Wright-Taylor




Something to Ponder as You Gather:  What does brokenness look like to you?


Candle Lighting:

Call to Worship:

When we are confused
God, give us peace.
When we are afraid
God, give us peace.
When we are lost in grief
God, give us peace.
When we feel alone and forgotten
God, give us peace.
Loving and Gentle God, meet us in this place
God, give us peace.

Singing: ‘From Heaven You Came’

Prayers on the Way

Singing: ‘The Lord’s Prayer’

Notices and Sharing:

Awe and Delight:

Singing:  ‘One More Step Along The World I Go’

Choir:  ‘God So Loved The World’ by Sir John Stainer

Readings:           Psalm 4:2-8       Lament

Luke 24:13-48  Peace be with you.

Reflection: Sacred Spaces

A Moment of Quiet:

Singing:  Resurrection All Around Us (to the tune of Ode for Joy)

Resurrection all around us,

Hearts arise and leap for joy,

Hope eternal grows within us,

Voices silenced now employ.

Live in joy of new beginnings,

Live in harmony and love.

Finding strength to meet each trial,

Conquering sorrow, being love.

Being human, honouring Jesus,

In a covenant of grace

Living the divine commandment,

One with all the human race.

Leading strong for peace and justice,

Doing away with hate and fear.

Finding ways to work together,

Keeping voice and vision clear.

Celebrate the light within us,

Love divine and human spark

Reaching out to be inclusive,

Everyone a work of art.

Light the flame of love around us

Echoing through the stars above.

Holding hands, in peace surround us,

Being human, being love.


Prayers for the Road:

Singing: ‘Thine Be the Glory’


Singing: ‘Like a Rock’